Standardized IACUC Procedures

To use a Standardized Procedure,  you will need to open the PDF file, save it to your desktop and then attach the file to the Methodology page in your eIACUC protocol.

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Mouse Bone Marrow Chimera    
Mouse Bromodeoxyuridine    
Mouse Cervical Dislocation    
Mouse Embryo Transfer via Laparotomy    
Mouse Hindlimb Ischemia    
Mouse In-utero Gene Transfer    
Mouse Lateral Tail Vein Injection    
Mouse MRI Studies    
Mouse Oral Gavage    
Mouse Orchidectomy    
Mouse Ovariectomy    
Mouse Parabiosis    
Mouse Partial Hepatectomy (one-half)    
Mouse Partial Hepatectomy (one-tenth)    
Mouse Perfusion Fixation    
Mouse Retro-Orbital Blood Draw    
Mouse Retro-Orbital Injection    
Mouse Skin Transplantation    
Mouse Stereotaxic Injections    
Mouse Tail Biopsy    
NHP Alzet Pump Placement Change and Removal    
NHP Blood Collection    
NHP Bone Marrow Aspirate    
NHP Bronchoalveolar Lavage    
NHP Cerebrospinal Fluid Aspirate    
NHP Cesarean Section (fetus non-survival)    
NHP Cesarean Section Fetus Survival    
NHP Colonoscopy with Mucosal Biopsy    
NHP Duodenoscopy with Mucosal Biopsy    
NHP Embryo Transfer via Laparotomy    
NHP Femoral Arteriovenous Shunt Placement    
NHP Femoral Arteriovenous Shunt Removal    
NHP Intraovarian Catheterization with Azlet Pump Bilateral    
NHP Intraovarian Catheterization with Azlet Pump Unilateral    
NHP Intrathecal Injection    
NHP IV infusion of an Experimental Compound    
NHP Laparoscopic Adipose Tissue Biopsy    
NHP Laparoscopic Follicle Aspiration Multiple    
NHP Laparoscopic Liver Adipose Tissue Biopsy    
NHP Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Bilateral    
NHP Laparotomy (general)    
NHP Laproscopic Small and Large Intestine Biopsy    
NHP Lutectomy    
NHP Lymph Node Biopsy    
NHP Maternal Fetal Catheterization    
NHP Microchip placement    
NHP Taste Receptor Tongue Biopsy    
NHP Telemetry Explant with ECG BP    
NHP Telemetry Implant with ECG BP    
Rat Lateral Tail Vein Injection    
Rodent Bioluminescence FMT imaging    
Rodent Decapitation Euthanasia    
Rodent I (NSAIDs) Post Operative Care Procedure    
Rodent Imaging SPECT PET    
Rodent Imaging Using CT MRI    
Rodent Inhalant Anesthesia    
Rodent Osmotic Pump    
Rodent Renal Subcapsular Tissue Graft    
Rodent Vasectomy via Laparotomy    
Xenopus Egg and Oocyte Harvest