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Annual Renewal/Project Modification form    
Annual Review Policy  
Baculovirus Fact Sheet    
Biosafety Manual-Updated    
BSL2-Lab Checklist    
Clinical Investigational Agents Consisting of Recombinant DNA or Infectious Agents    
Committee Charter    
Committee Member Reviewer Form    
Dual Use Research of Concern Policy *NEW*    
Fact Sheet on Biological Toxins    
Fact Sheet on Research Requiring NIH-OBA Review    
IBC Questionnaire for Human Subjects Studies    
IBC Review of Work with Animals    
Infectious Agent/Toxin Questionnaire (IAQ)    
Initial Classification Form  
Lab Safety Manual    
Member Conflict of Interest policy    
OHSU Biohazardous waste disposal guidance    
PI Eligibility Policy    
Protocol Deviation Policy (IBC)  
Protocol Revision Policy  
Recombinant DNA Research Questionnaire (RDRQ)    
Recombinant DNA Research Questionnaire (RDRQ) for Core Services  
Reporting Requirements for IBC    
Research Accidents and Spills
Research Involving Recombinant DNA    
Standards for Stereotactic Injection of Lentiviral Particles    
Template Adenovirus Biosafety Manual-Updated    
Template Biosafety Level 2 Manual-Updated    
Template BSL 2+ Biosafety Manual - Updated    
Template Lentivirus Biosafety Manual-Updated    
Transgenic Animal Review Policy
Vaccinia Fact Sheet    
Viral Vector Table - Updated