IACUC policy feedback

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Join The Policy Development Process

We invite you to provide feedback on any of our policies currently in draft form. These policies have been reviewed by OHSU's General Counsel, IACUC Advisory Counsel, IACUC Leadership, and the Director of Research Communications & Development Services. Once finalized, these policies will be posted and in use by research staff and administrators.


To access the policies:

Click on the policy link below and save the document to your desktop.

There are two ways to send feedback:

1.  Once you have downloaded the document, use the Track Changes feature (already enabled on policies) to add your comments and suggestions. Be sure to save the updated document. Click the "Send feedback" link next to the policy and attach your edited document to the email that pops up.

2. Email with your comments about this process.


Do you have comments and/or suggestions for IACUC's policy development process? We'd love to hear from you! Email IACUC with your comments about this process.

You can find all IACUC policies on this page.  Recently revised and approved policies are indicated by the "Updated" notation.  


You can also see all the IACUC Standard Procedures by category here