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Adjuvant Use    
Adoption of OHSU-Owned Animals    
Advisory Council Charter    
Anesthesia for Large Animals    
Anesthesia Machine General    
Blood Collection in Animals    
Cage and Rack Washer Safety    
Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia of Rodents *Updated*    
Certification of Animal Transfer Stations    
Chemotherapy Agents    
Controlled Substance Storage    
Core Use    
Environmental Enrichment for Rodents    
Environmental Enrichment of Primates    
Exercising of Dogs    
Expired or Suspended IACUC Protocol    
Food and Fluid Restriction    
Guillotine and Related Equipment: Use and Maintenance    
Harvesting Frog Oocytes    
Housing Animals in Labs    
Humane Intervention and Endpoints    
IACUC Authority, Composition, General Protocol Review, and Appeal Process    
IACUC Minority View    
IACUC Minutes    
Memoranda of Understanding  
Modifications to Animal Research Protocol *Updated*    
Monoclonal Antibody Production    
Mouse Housing Densities    
Multiple Survival Surgeries    
Nonhuman Primate Handling    
Non-pharmaceutical Grade Drug Use and Expired Drugs in Laboratory Animals    
Pathogen Screening of Biological Materials    
PI Eligibility Policy    
Policy Development    
Post-approval monitoring NHP    
Post-Procedural Post-Operative Care    
Protective Clothing and Personnel Identification    
Review and Reporting of Animal Welfare Concerns *New*    
Rodent Surgery    
Social Housing    
Sterlization of Surgical Instruments    
Tissue Collection for Genotyping    
Training Requirements in Research Animals    
Training to use Nonhuman Primates    
Transfer of Animals Between Protocols    
Transportation of Animals    
Tumor Growth Studies    
Unexpected Outcomes    
Use of Animals in Medical Student Training    
Use of Wire Mesh Flooring    
Verification of Congruency
Between Grants and Protocols *Updated*