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Title Policy Forms Add'l Info
Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources  
Acceptance Of Inter-Hospital Transfers    
Acquisition Of New Products And Equipment -1291    
Authority to Enter Into Agreements    
Billing of Research-Related Clinical Services, Research Rates, and Research Account Setup    
Cash Handling by Services Sites    
Charge Processing and Adjustment    
Charges for Medical Supplies    
Charges for Research Support    
Clinical Compliance Plan    
Confidentiality of Health Information    
Confidentiality: OHSU Workforce Members as Patients    
Confidentiality-Access to Employee and Family member Integrated Health Record (IHR) by OHSU Staff    
Conflict of Interest  
Conflict of Interest in Research
Conflict of Interest Policy Principles    
Conscientious Objection    
Content of the Integrated Health Record (IHR)    
Credentialing and Privileging Policies: Access to Credentials File    
Credentialing and Privileging Standards-HC-ADM-PSB-P033    
EAP/Charge Description Master Annual Update)    
Education, Training and Competency Requirements For OHSU Healthcare workforce members    
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) (Adm 1.35D)    
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) Obligatons    
Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Authorization Form(OHSU- Background Disclosure)    
False Claims Policy  
Financial Allowance/Screening Approval    
Financial Assistance    
Financial Assistance General Operating Policy    
Fiscal Authority    
Fraud, Waste and Abuse    
Gifts for Individuals  
Gifts to the Institution  
Health Care Professional Conduct    
Healthcare Observer and/or Shadow Guidelines and Agreement Form    
Innovative Procedures or Therapies    
Integrated Health Record (IHR) General Requirements    
Integrated Health Record Completion    
Interpreter Services, Healthcare    
Licensure, Certification and Registration Requirements for OHSU Healthcare Workforce Members-HC-ADM-PHR-P012    
Medical Records Guidelines    
Medicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire (mspq) For Outpatients    
Membership On The Professional Staff (Adm 06.01.03)    
Notice of Participation in Future Tissue Research and Anonymous and-or Coded Genetic Research  
Notice to Patients of Non-Covered Charges    
OHSU Information Security    
OHSU Inpatient & Ambulatory Surgery Reservation, Authorization, & Referral of Patients with Known Sponsorship    
Outpatient Authorizations & Referrals    
Outside Activity/Outside Compensation Policy
Patient Assistance: Patient Advocate and Pastoral Services (Adm 1.09)    
Patient Billing and Fees - OHSU Hospital and Clinics Financial Policies    
Patient's Rights    
Payments (Amb-Univ 1.04.10)    
Permitted Uses & Disclosures of Protected Health Information    
Physician Advisor Cases    
Policy Compliance (No.01-01-005)    
Portland Aerial Tram Standard Operating Procedure Patient Users/Responsibilities    
Professional Staff Policies: High Quality Patient Centered Care    
Qualifications for Medical Staff Membership, Adm 06.03.05-HC-ADM-PSB-P032    
Rates (Amb-Univ 1.04.13)    
Records Retention (No. 07-90-010)    
Regulatory Compliance    
Scribes Used for Health Record Documentation    
Solid Organ/Marrow Transplant Financial Deposit Requirements (ADM 2.13C)    
Vendor Representative