Authorization for radioactive material use at OHSU and changes to existing licenses are approved by the Radiation Safety Committee.

  • Radioactive materials at OHSU may only be used by authorized, trained personnel working as a licensee or under a licensee.

  • All radioactive materials ordered and delivered to the OHSU campus must go through the Radiation Safety Office.

  • All radioactive materials used, transferred and disposed must be tracked and documented by the lab(s) who have them in their possession.

Amendments & Applications

An amendment is required for adding a new radionuclide, increasing a license limit, adding a new chemical or physical form or adding/deleting a location.

The following resources will guide you in applying for or amending a license:


License Application - to apply for a new license to use radioactive material.

Complete this form and email it to the RSO:  Central Campus or West Campus

Research License Amendment - this is the general form for modifying research radioactive material licenses.  Use this form to make changes to several areas of your lab's program at the same time and to add or remove a radionuclide from your license. 
The following forms are for specialized and the most common modification requests:

Medical License Amendment - this is the form used to make changes to an existing medical use radioactive material license.

Decommissioning a Laboratory

When a laboratory is required to move to a new location on campus or is leaving OHSU, the room(s) must be decommissioned as follows:

  • Arrange for a radioactive waste pickup.

  • When all radioactive materials and potentially contaminated equipment have been moved out of the laboratory, laboratory members survey the room for contamination. (See RSOP 1101).

  • Arrange for a closeout inspection by contacting the Radiation Safety Office at or 4-7795.