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The Radiation Safety Office coordinates dosimetry for all OHSU employees. Dosimetry is the detection and measurement of radiation on personnel badges. There are several types of badges available at OHSU. Types of badges depend on where one is working, what type of radiation will be encountered and positioning of the badge on one's body.


To obtain dosimetry, please complete the following:          Dosimeter Request Form 

Email this document to:

Central Campus Radiation Safety Office   (or)   West Campus Radiation Safety Office

NOTE: If you change labs or departments, leave OHSU, stop working with radiation, or if there is a change in the badge contact, please notify the Radiation Safety Office as soon as possible.

Central Campus Radiation Safety Office   (or)   West Campus Radiation Safety Office

503-494-7795                                                                503-690-5390

Badge Requirements:

Research users:

Ring badge is required:

  • when using more than 2 mCi of 32P or
  • if extremity exposure could exceed 6000 mRem / quarter or
  • if using any pure beta emitter with energy > 600 keV

A torso badge is required if whole body exposure could exceed 60 mRem / quarter.

NOTE: Anyone who requests a badge will be issued one.

Clinical users:

  • Physicians who use fluoroscopy must have torso and collar badges.

  • Other fluoroscopy users must have collar badges.

  • Non-physician personnel who operate x-ray equipment AND who wear lead/equivalent aprons, must wear at least a collar badge.

  • Personnel handling radioactive materials must have ring badges.

NOTE: Anyone who requests a badge will be issued one.


Proper wearing of badges:


Ring badges:

  • Worn under gloves to prevent contaminating the ring.

  • Worn on the hand that will be closest to the radioactive material.

  • Worn so that the barcode is facing the palm of your hand (since the detection chip is located underneath the barcode area).


Torso badges:  

  • Worn on torso with label facing out.

  • Clinical personnel wear torso badges under lead aprons, if worn.


Collar badges: 

  • Worn at the neck; outside lead shielding. Only authorized for clinical personnel.


Proper badge storage:

  • Store away from any radiation sources or waste. 

  • Store in a dry place (usually stored in desk).

  • Store badges away from heat and light.


Exposure Reports:

  • RSO maintains copies of all exposure history.

  • This information is provided for clinical users and upon request for research users.

Fees: Radiation Services Pricelist


For information about the pregnant worker policy:

Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure (.pdf)


To declare your pregancy in writing to the Radiation Safety Office:

Pregnant Worker Declaration (.pdf)


Open Table 8.1 of OHSU Radiation Safety Regulations for Exposure Limits