Safety Team


Welcome to the OHSU SafetyTeam homepage!  

This is the place to get information about environmental health and safety issues in your work area. This site was designed for use by SafetyTeam members, but all OHSU employees may find the information helpful.

What is the Safety Team?

The primary purpose of SafetyTeam is to foster health and safety throughout all parts of OHSU, to be the "educated eyes everywhere" that report safety concerns, serve as the "go to" safety resource for coworkers, and act as problem-solvers where possible.  As agents of the OHSU Safety Committee, members of SafetyTeam help meet the requirement for quarterly health and safety workplace inspections.


SafetyTeam consists of members from Research, Healthcare, Facilities and throughout all parts of the University, as well as the OHSU Safety Committee itself.  The responsibility of each member is to contribute to safety in support of the mission of OHSU: improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians.


If SafetyTeam or OHSU Safety Committee members would like guidance on Hazard Identification and Accident Investigation, please contact EHRS at 4-7795 or make a request by email.

Become a member!

Can you dedicate 15 minutes or so per month to safety at OHSU? If so, please consider becoming a SafetyTeam member.  You'll receive a monthly e-mail with web links for SafetyNews, and a brief survey to return by e-mail. 

Please help us achieve our goal to have a membership that represents all worksite locations at OHSU.  Contact the SafetyTeam Coordinator with your name, e-mail ID, department and location.  Include "Member Sign-Up" in the subject area.

Locate a Member Near You

Many OHSU employees volunteer for the SafetyTeam.  Members can be found in nearly every building and department at OHSU.  To find a SafetyTeam member near you, contact the SafetyTeam Coordinator.


SafetyNews is a monthly newsletter published for SafetyTeam members.  This is the primary vehicle for communication with members, but can be posted and shared with all OHSU employees.

Monthly Member Updates


We count on members to respond to the monthly e-mail. This is where action really counts!

To report safety concerns, brag about safety achievements, or simply take credit for being on the SafetyTeam we ask members to answers to the brief monthly questionnaire. Any time a member observes a safety concern, the SafetyTeam Coordinator wants to know. Please include your location, department and manager or supervisor.