Safety News

SafetyNews is published monthly and distributed to all SafetyTeam members.  While the purpose is to provide monthly updates and information to SafetyTeam members, the contents are broadly applicable to operations across OHSU.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to contribute to SafetyNews, please contact the SafetyTeam Coordinator at 503-494-7795.


current issue

SafetyNews Dec 2012

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 December 2012 Safety News



November - Is it a Cold or is it the Flu?, Where to Report Concerns, and Tips for Staying Safe at Work
October - The Fire Inspector is Coming: Be Prepared, Proper Fire Alarm Response
April  - Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After an Emergency 
February - Burn Safety Awareness

January - Slips, Trips, and Falls; Short Days, Long Month; and Safety is an Attitude


December - What to Do When High Winds are Expected, Cold Medications and Drowsiness, Holiday Stress Busters

November - Home Safety Checklist, Heat It Up at Home / Portable Heater Use at Work, Winter Driving Tips

October - Fall Vehicle Crime Prevention Tips, Stress Management, and Getting There Safely When You Are The Driver

September - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Protect Yourself from Mercury

August - National Immunization Awareness Month, Driving OHSU Vehicles, Summer Illness Prevention - Enjoy Great Food Safely

July - Eye Injury Prevention Month, Eye Health at Work, and Construction Safety Tips for Drivers

June - Safety in Motion®, and Preventing Heat Stress

May - Fire Code Compliance

April - Earthquake Preparedness - Are you Ready?

March - Not Available

February - Water, Water, Everywhere

January - Not Available



December - Not Available

November - Heating up in Cool Weather, Holiday Decorations, Slips, Trips & Falls

October - Workplace Safety, Safety Training for New Employees, Systems Thinking in Action

September - Workplace Safety, Near Misses, Safety Training for Everyone

August - Not Available

July - Head to Toe Safety, Summer Footwear, Eye & Face Protection, Energy Conservation

June - Chemical Safety, Eyewash Stations, MSDS, Big Brain Lab Safety reminder

May - Transportation Safety, Driving OHSU Vehicles, Bike Safety

April - Germs at Work, Chemical Fume Hoods

March - Emergency Planning for Home & Family, Emergency Resources at OHSU

February - Not Available

January -Public Access AEDs


December - Heating Up in Cool Weather, Good Hand Care

November - Take a Deep Breath; Slips, Trips & Falls

October - Fire Marshal Inspections; Fire Code Compliance

September - Clarifications on Chemical Safety; Facilities Work Requests

August - Summer Heat; Chemical Safety

July - Head to Toe Safety: Footwear; Workstation Ergonomics

June - Workplace Safety: Analyzing Incidents; Safety Training for New Employees

May - Workplace Safety: Data, Trends, Prevention; Near Misses

April - Stress at Work: Changes & Challenges; Fire Code Compliance

March - Multimodal: Walk, Bike, Drive, Ride; Driving OHSU Vehicles

February - Emergency Planning at Work & Home; Emergency Management Resources at OHSU

January - Epidermis Care; Good Hand Care



December - The Freezin' Season, hypothermia tips; Slips, Trips & Falls

November - SafetyTeam Update; Molds & Indoor Air Quality

October, September, August - Not Available

July - Hot Stuff; Eye & Face Protection (PPE)

June - Weekend Warriors; Chemical Fume Hoods

May - Do you know... (contacts); Driving OHSU Vehicles

April - Spill Response; Medication at Work

March - Spring Cleaning; Near Misses

February - Bad Air Day; Fire Code Compliance

January - Hand Care 101; Safety Training for New Employees



December - Deck the Halls; Slips, Trips & Falls

November - Keeping Focused; Power Failure Preparedness

October - Not Available

September - Back to School; Bloodborne Pathogens

August - Tram Safety; Chemical Safety/Hazard Communication

July - Protect your Feet; Noise in the Workplace

June - How's the Water?; Safety of Young Workers

May - Shocking; Molds & Indoor Air Quality

April - Protect your Eyes; Gluteraldehyde

March - Whistleblower Protection; Good Hand Care

February - Found: Dirty Needles; Eye & Face Protection (PPE)

January - A Time for Change; Emergency Management Resources


December - The Freezin' Season; Inclement Weather Procedures

November - Heating Up in Cool Weather; Ergonomics

October - Urns that Burn; Bloodborne Pathogens

September - A Positive Attitude; Driving OHSU Vehicles

August - Sensible Shoes; Personal Disaster Supplies

July - Lookin' Good; Basic Radiation Safety

June- Weekend Warriors; Hazardous Waste

May- Latex Allergy Prevention; Fire Safety & Evacuation

April- Potential for Violence; Chemical Safety/Hazard Communication

March- Ped Xing; Near Misses

February- Hey! Your Epidermis is Showing; Medication at Work

January- Put a lid on it!; Slips, Trips & Falls


December - Home for the Holidays; Safe Holiday Travel

November - Duck and Cover; Eye & Face Protection (PPE)

October - Emergency Planning at Work, Home & School; Ergonomics at Workstations

September - A Nation Prepared; The Incident Command center

August - Blowing Smoke; Driving OHSU Vehicles

July - The Heat is On; Molds & Indoor Air Quality

June - Stress At Work Part II; Safety Training for New Employees

May - Stress at Work; Fire Code Compliance

April - Guess Who's 5 Year's Old?; Bloodborne Pathogens

March - How's the Water?; Safety of Young Workers

February - Eyewash?; Compressed Gas Cylinders

January - Praise Works Wonders; Good Hand Care