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This page provides the resources you need to ensure continuous compliance with The Joint Commission - Environment of Care (EC) and Life Safety Standards at OHSU.  The EC Program operates in cooperation with OHSU Quality Management.

For general questions; information about any specific topic or policy; or to report a safety concern, contact the OHSU Healthcare Safety Officer at 503-494-7319.


For more information on OHSU's Joint Commission readiness, visit OHSU Regulatory Compliance.

EC Highlights

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OHSU Healthcare shall assure that patient care is delivered in a safe, efficient, and timely manner, protecting patient personal health information at all times.

  • Do you know when you can interact with Law Enforcement officials without contacting the Department of Public Safety (DPS)?
  • Do you know when you should contact DPS to interact with Law Enforcement officials?
The June EC Highlights offers managers and employees information about the Law Enforcement Relations Policy and where staff can get more information.

06-2014 Law Enforcement Relations Policy

Follow the link below to view the current issue.


Questions? Contact Environmental Health and Radiation Safety at 503-494-7795.

EC Highlights features the Environment of Care rounds areas of focus, something new or changed, or just a topic in need of some extra attention. We will keep it short and to the point, and we'll always note a source for more information. You can do a number of things with EC Highlights: post it for staff to read, compile them in a binder to orient new staff and refresh current staff, discuss the focus topic at a staff meeting, or forward it to individual e-mails.  In any form, it is designed to help staff stay informed in a simple, easy-to-read way.  For information on past topics, view the EC Highlights archive, or contact Sonia McGinley at 503-346-0082.

Environment of Care Policies & Procedures

Environment of Care Requirements Guide

The best summary of what every manager is accountable for can be found in the Environment of Care Requirements Guide (attached to the Environment of Care Requirements policy).  This guide offers a simple checklist format of what you need to know!  Questions? Contact Nina Wolf at 503-346-0082.

Environment of Care Committee (ECC)

The ECC is tasked with oversight of policies, procedures, and operations related to the EC Program.  The Program is divided into the following categories with each having a content expert as coordinator.  Specific questions may be routed to the following people:

EC Program Manager
Wendy Walker
Environment of Care Rounds
Nina Wolf
General Safety

Emergency Management
Mercedes Wilson

Fire and Life Safety
Karen Rodriguez

Hazardous Materials and Waste
Kip Ching                                                                   503-494-0215

Medical Equipment
Angela Baltz

Security Management and Public Safety
Vicky Stormo

Utilities Management
Matt Stormont

Construction Safety
Gene Patrick