Chemical Safety

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety provides guidance and services related to the safe use of chemicals for all OHSU operations.


Our goal is to support OHSU's mission and to protect the environment and health of employees, staff and visitors.

Chemical Spill Information - Central and Waterfront Campus

This document provides classifications of chemical spills and general spill response procedures for the Central and Waterfront Campus.

Chemical Spill Information - West Campus

This document provides classifications of chemical spills and general spill response procedures for West Campus.

Chemical Storage Guide

This guideline discusses some of the compatible storage schemes that may be used so that chemicals of different hazard classifications can be safely stored together. The (Material) Safety Data Sheet from the manufacturer should be consulted as a primary reference for storage guidance for that material.

Chemical Waste Price List

These prices are reset each year and subject to change as vendor rates and other costs change.

Guide to Flammable Chemical Storage

This information applies to use and ventilation of cabinets used for storage of flammable and combustible liquids, including cabinets under fume hoods, and in rooms where greater than 10 gallons of flammable/combustible liquids are stored.


Handling Pyrophoric Agents Safely

This guidance applies to the safe use of pyrophoric reagents at OHSU.  Due to the hazardous nature of pyrophoric chemicals, it is highly recommended that all users read this guidance carefully and completely before any procedures take place.


Hazard Communication Program Policy

Know the requirements and standards for working with or around hazardous materials and/or chemicals. The link above also includes requirements for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).


Hazardous Materials and Waste Policy

This link details procedures for managing hazardous materials and wastes at OHSU.


Nanomaterials Use In Research Guidance Document

This guidance document provides information and recommended controls for the use of nanomaterials in research.


OHSU's Never Dump List

Please refer to this list if ever in doubt.


OHSU Compatible Storage Group Classification System

This tool should be used in conjunction with specific storage conditions taken from the manufacturer's label and MSDS.


Reproductive Hazards for Laboratory Workers

This guidance document provides information and precautions to take while working with/around reproductive hazards in the laboratory environment.


Waste Stream Flow Chart

This diagram applies to Marquam Hill primarily.