eCoI Electronic Conflict of Interest Disclosure System
eCoI Electronic Conflict of Interest Disclosure system
Changes to the CoI disclosure signing requirements
Changes to CoI disclosure signing requirements


Introducing the eCoI system!

The Integrity Office has developed a new Conflict of Interest System named eCoI. This new system streamlines all CoI disclosures into one form to be completed annually. The new system is housed in Big Brain. In addition to combining all disclosures into one system, some questions have been updated in line with revised research CoI (CoIR) regulations.

When will disclosures be due in the new system?

Researchers: In order to comply with the revised research regulations you will need to update your disclosure in the new system on your regular annual CoIR due date OR by the time of your next grant award after 8/24/12, whichever is sooner.

All other disclosers (faculty/managers/fiscal authority/executives/clinicians): Those not involved in research will be due based upon the last submission date in the Big Brain CoI module. This means that many of these individuals will be due immediately upon release of the new system. Once eCoI is deployed, you will be notified that you need to complete a disclosure.