Approvers' Guidance

Who reviews and Signs CoI Disclosures?

  • Signer: Everyone completing a CoI disclosure designates a "First Level Signer" as instructed in eCoI. This is the division chief, department chair or designee for faculty and more generally the direct supervisor. (Note: if all answers on the CoI disclosure are NO, then the signer will not be notified/required to review/sign the disclosure.)
    • More than one signer may be designated (e.g., chair and designee) but only one signature is required.
  • Reviewer: All researchers who report significant financial interests in their CoI disclosures must also designate a "Dean/Unit leader Reviewer" as instructed in the eCoI. These assignments are as follows:
    • School of Medicine: Maggie Jameson and Mary Heinricher
    • Research Centers & Institutes: Dana Director (Designee for the Senior VP for Research)
    • School of Dentistry: Phillip Marucha (Dean)
    • School of Nursing: Lillian Nail (Associate Dean)
    • Other: Appropriate second level authority (supervisor of the person designated as level 1)

Signer: What is my responsibility as signer?

It is your responsibility as a signer to review the entire form for thoroughness and concerns:

    • You determine if the reported outside activities are approvable and if a management plan is needed (see Guidance section below). If a management plan is needed, you develop this plan and discuss it with the disclosing employee.
    • You determine the appropriate management plan, if needed, for any financial interests reported that may be related to an individual's oversight in purchasing decisions. See policy guidance on gifts, fundraising and involvement in purchasing decisions.
    • Following your signature, disclosures related to research or clinical care are reviewed and approved by the Conflict of Interest Office or the Committee. Input on appropriate management can be recorded prior to signing the CoI disclosure and/or you may contact the Conflict of Interest Office directly (
    • If you feel that a management plan is required for any of the above, then prior to signing the form, you will have the opportunity to mark a check box to indicate this, and to record relevant comments.

Dean/Unit Level Reviewer

What is my responsibility as reviewer?

  • It is your responsibility as reviewer to read the entire form with particular emphasis on the relationship of reported outside activities and financial relationships to research.
  • Any concerns about disclosed outside activities should be discussed with the employee and Department Chair, as appropriate.
  • Disclosures related to research are thoroughly reviewed and are signed/approved by the Conflict of Interest in Research (CoIR) Committee or the Committee Chair. You may provide input to these management plans or discuss any concerns with the CoIR Committee directly (

Guidance for signers and reviewers:

What guidance is available for me?

Who else is involved in the CoI disclosure review process?