Who to contact with a concern

Please review the following list of additional departments who can help with specific concerns.  If you are still uncertain, please contact Integrity and we will help you.


Employee health & safety or environmental concerns, or OSHA/environmental regulatory concerns
Environmental Health & Radiation Safety, Central & Waterfront Campus (EHRS@ohsu.edu)
503 494-7795, West Campus (WCEHRS@ohsu.edu) 503 690-5390

Interpersonal challenge at work

To meet with a coach submit a coaching request or contact the CWE Center at 503-418-0273 or cwecenter@ohsu.edu 

JCAHO, EMTALA and other regulatory areas
Quality Management, Christine A. Slusarenko – 503 494-6459

Labor contract (interpretation and grievances)
Labor (ONA), ONA AURN Hotline – 503 494-6880
Labor (AFSCME), AFSCME Know Zone – 503 239-9858 ext 132

Patient complaint or concern
Patient Advocate, Susan Yoder – 503 494-7959

Patient injury, risk or incident report
QA Risk Management, Ellen Rensklev – 503 494-7189

Physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant billing
If billing done by OHSU: Healthcare Compliance, John Hart – 503 494-5683 

Prohibited (or illegal) discrimination and harassment.
Affirmative Action and Equal OpportunityMichael Tom, Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Director – 503 494-8827

Public safety
Stephen Buchtel – 503 494-6309

Subpoena received for…
Medical records: Hospital Information Services, Patty Todd – 503 494-6290
To appear in court: Risk Management, Ellen Rensklev – 503 494-1675

Workplace issues (Example: respect in the workplace)
Human Resources, Contact your Mission Team – 503 494-4037