Who to contact with a concern

Please review the following list of additional departments who can help with specific concerns.  If you are still uncertain, please contact Integrity and we will help you.

Confidential, informal resource for all faculty, staff and students to discuss any concern related to their OHSU experience
OHSU Ombudsman, Merle Graybill - 503 494-3622

Employee health & safety or environmental concerns, or OSHA/environmental regulatory concerns

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety, Central & Waterfront Campus (EHRS@ohsu.edu)
503 494-7795, West Campus (WCEHRS@ohsu.edu) 503 690-5390

Interpersonal challenge at work

To meet with a coach submit a coaching request or contact the CWE Center at 503-418-0273 or cwecenter@ohsu.edu 

The Joint Commission, EMTALA and other regulatory areas
Regulatory Affairs, Christine A. Slusarenko – 503 494-6459

Labor contract (interpretation and grievances)
Labor (ONA), ONA AURN Hotline – 503 494-6880
Labor (AFSCME), AFSCME Know Zone – 503 239-9858 ext 132

Patient complaint or concern
Patient Advocate, Susan Yoder – 503 494-7959

Patient injury, risk or incident report
QA Risk Management, Ellen Rensklev – 503 494-7189

Physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant billing
If billing done by OHSU: Healthcare Compliance, John Hart – 503 494-5683 

Prohibited (or illegal) discrimination and /or harassment.
Affirmative Action and Equal OpportunityMichael Tom, Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Director – 503 494-5148, option 5

Public safety
Stephen Buchtel – 503 494-6309

Reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity - 503 494-5148, option 5

Religious accommodation assessments
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity - 503 494-5148, option 5

Sex discrimination, sexual assault, and/or sexual harassment (Title IX)
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Laura Stadum, Title IX Coordinator- 503 494-0258

Subpoena received for…
Medical records: Hospital Information Services, Patty Todd – 503 494-6290
To appear in court: Risk Management, Ellen Rensklev – 503 494-1675

Workplace injuries
Risk Management, Laura Martin, Associate Director - 503 494-3622

Workplace issues (Example: respect in the workplace)
Human Resources, Contact your Mission Team – 503 494-4037