Integrity Office

The OHSU Integrity Office provides leadership for OHSU's compliance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines.  


what you need to know

  • To report a concern
  • Contact the Integrity Office
  • Call the Integrity Hotline
    877.733.8313 (toll free and anonymous)
  • Enter a report online


code of conduct

Download the 5th edition here

Guiding Principles (Summary Page)

Our Code of Conduct guides the behavior and performance of members of the OHSU community. As members of the OHSU community we embrace the spirit, values and principles of our Code of conduct.

Integrity Roles & Responsibilities

OHSU Integrity Program Roles & Responsibilities and Program Elements


Roles and Responsibilities in the Conduct of Research and Administration of Sponsored Projects

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Electronic Confidentiality Attestation & New Badge Requirements  

The Patient Confidentiality Form is now part of the Integrity Booster. This new electronic version reduces paperwork, lowers operational costs and makes the requirements for new employees and students more efficient.

A completed Integrity Booster certificate is now required, in addition to the HIPAA and Respect at the University course certificates, in order to receive an OHSU badge

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