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ISIS Online is the institutional student Information System. It is a secure, interactive service that allows you to register online and easily view your student information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change my new OHSU network ID's temporary password?
    Answer: Go to OHSU's Citrix Logon—Logon with your OHSU Network ID (User Name) and temporary password. Once you're in, click on Change Password (lower-right side of screen), and change your password.
  • Archive Manager is the system used to access Outlook email messages older than two months How do I login to Archive Manager?
  • Why can't I forward emails to my personal internet email account?
    Answer: Internet email accounts (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo!) are not secure. Forwarding OHSU email to personal internet email accounts is a violation of OHSU's Information Security and Privacy policies and guidelines.
  • What happens to my OHSU account after I graduate?
  • Answer: Student accounts are deleted at the end of the month they graduate. If graduating students plan to work in an OHSU department, that department must submit a new Computer Access form.