Eligibility and Subsidy

Employees working a 0.5 FTE or greater (20 hours per week) are eligible for benefits at OHSU, with the exception of students, temporary, flex-staff, and resource employees. Postdoctoral fellows are eligible for medical, dental, and $25,000 core life insurance only.

Eligible dependents include an employee's spouse, same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner, and children up to age 19 (or 26 if they are full-time students).

OHSU Contribution to Employee Benefits
OHSU provides eligible employees a set amount of "benefit dollars" each month, based on the employee’s designated FTE (full-time or part-time) and classification. The benefit dollars apply toward the cost of benefits with a pre-tax deduction: medical, dental, and the first $50,000 of employee life insurance. Benefit dollars are based on the medical election. Currently, OHSU pays more than half of every employee’s costs for medical, dental and basic life insurance; some employees pay little or nothing for this basic coverage.

Employees use their benefit dollars to enroll in the pre-tax benefits that best suit their personal situation. Employees may opt out of medical and/or dental insurance coverage if they are covered under another group medical and/or dental plan.