Skills Assessment


eSkill is an online service that provides a valid, independent assessment of your current skills, and can also reveal the skills you may need to learn or improve. eSkill can be used for:

  • Employee Development: Employees can verify their current knowledge and skills, identify skill gaps, and receive training recommendations for future skill development.
  • Pre-Hire Assessment: HR Professionals and Managers can assess candidate skills as part of the recruitment process to assist with hiring decisions. Please review the FAQ below prior to using eSkill as a pre-hire assessment tool.

Skills Assessments currently available:

Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft Access 2010
Microsoft Access 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2013

Typing Speed/Accuracy

Computer Knowledge for Windows


Q: How long are the assessments? 
A: Assessments (except Typing) are 40 questions in length and include a mix of basic, intermediate, and advanced questions.

Q: Is there a time limit?
A: There is no maximum time limit. Typically assessments take between 20-30 minutes to complete.

Q: Where do I take the assessments?
A: Assessments can be completed in the CWE Center computer lab, or in another quiet OHSU area under the supervision of a test proctor. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity of the testing administration and results (e.g. providing a quiet place free of interruptions, verify assessment is completed without reference aids of any kind)

Q: Who receives my assessment results?
A: Assessment results will be provided by email to employees by default, and to others upon request (HR Professional, Hiring Manager, external candidates, etc.)

Q: How do I interpret my assessment results? 
A: Assessments cover a broad range of knowledge from beginner to expert. The best way to interpret scores is to compare those of multiple respondents, or even better, to current employees' scores. The highest scores correlate with the most relevant knowledge. Any score above a 25% shows a better-than-guessing result, and any score above a 66% shows a fairly strong level of understanding.  Typing Speed/Accuracy tests have no percentage score.

Scoring scale:

  • 0% to 25% = Little or no knowledge (beginner)
  • 26% to 40% = Limited knowledge  (basic)
  • 41% to 65% = Moderate knowledge  (intermediate)
  • 66% to 80% = Strong knowledge (advanced)
  • 81% to 100% = Very strong knowledge (expert)

Q: Can employees re-take a skills assessment?   
A: Employees must meet one of the following criteria in order to re-take an assessment:

1.Complete a waiting period of at least 30 days, OR

2.Complete a waiting period of at least 7 days and provide proof of completion of a relevant training program since taking previous assessment (e.g. taking a Microsoft Word 2010 training course).

FAQ For Hiring Managers

Q: Where does eSkill get the questions for the subjects you have available?
A: eSkill has a network of subject matter experts that are contracted to develop, maintain, and review test question content.

Q: Are the assessments validated?
A: eSkill’s test content and process has been reviewed and validated by independent, well-recognized industrial psychologists specializing in assessment validation. A copy of their report is available upon request.

Q: How should the assessments be used in screening candidates?
For practical and legal purposes, any pre-employment test is best used as one of multiple points of consideration for employment, rather than as the sole determinant. When using eSkills as a pre-hire assessment tool, it must be provided to all candidates to comply with fair hiring practices.

Q: How is eSkill compliant with EEOC?
A: eSkill upholds the guidelines stated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as well as the regulations comprised in the ADA and ADEA acts, and other anti-discrimination guidelines. For more details on this topic please click here.

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