Introduction to Lean

Lean is a process improvement methodology based in the Toyota Production System, which focuses on reducing waste and optimizing flow. Lean can be used in any kind of work environment (office, clinical, manufacturing, etc.) and has been applied to various process improvement projects across OHSU. The Introduction to Lean course is a half-day overview designed to give OHSU employees a basic understanding of the Lean methodology, identify opportunities for improvement, and help getting started. 

Topics Covered:

  • The basics of Lean thinking
  • Lean @ OHSU
  • Lean Project Roadmap overview
  • How to get started with Lean
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Who should attend?

  • Employees interested in learning what Lean is, and/or considering opportunities to improve their work flow.
  • This class is available to non-managers. However, employees may invite their manager or supervisor to enroll with them if there is a specific Lean project in the workplace that they will collaborate on.
  • The Introduction to Lean is also available as a by request training for intact work teams interested in doing a Lean project to improve their work flow.

How will I Benefit?

  • Understand basic Lean concepts, terminology and tools
  • Describe how Lean is practiced at OHSU
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in your work area
  • Learn how to get started with a Lean project

What Partcipants are Saying:

  • “I have been to basic lean classes in other institutions. Alison's approach was much clearer and gave very simple ideas that could be easily understood by all. Great base starting class.”
  • “Great information in a shorter period of time. I liked the 1/2 day intro. It was also nice to have a presentation showing Kaizen at work.”
  • “It helped me put problems that I see with labels and provided me with a structure of how to approach the opportunities that I want to help improve in my job function.  Alison structured it very nicely and utilized a variety of learning methods. I was engaged throughout the course and felt very involved.”