Get Organized with the GO System

GO stands for Getting Organized! The GO System is a practical, powerful and thought-provoking course on improving workplace productivity.  Participants will learn how to significantly improve workplace productivity by:

  • Establishing strong foundational habits 
  • Processing incoming work
  • Prioritizing workload
  • Using time rationally
  • Addressing self-defeating behaviors

The bottom line – you’ll get more done! 


Topics Covered

  • Being busy vs. being productive
  • Does multitasking enhance productivity?
  • Conquering clutter
  • Establishing strong foundational work habits for processing work and follow up
  • Three strategies for prioritizing your workload
  • Using time rationally
  • Tips for reducing your workload
  • Identifying and addressing self-defeating behaviors

Who should attend?

  • Anyone wanting help with getting organized in the workplace
  • This course is designed for and available to individual contributor employees (non-managers) 


How will I benefit?

  • Ensure that time spent at work is quality, productive time
  • Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety
  • Improve your ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Improve your ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • Increase your contribution to the results of your work team

What participants are saying

  • "The methods and thought processes presented to organize my workday and also in my personal life were very valuable."
  • "Alison was very informative and helpful. She has a natural easy style and made everyone feel engaged in the subject and very comfortable. I recommend this class to others! I am going to present an overview at my staff meeting next week. I look forward to that as I feel I have some good positive helpful information to share with my work group. Thank you Alison!"
  • "I thought the training booklet was very helpful and I especially liked the 'Be In The Moment' stone, which I will keep at my desk as my constant reminder!"