Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Workshop

Are you working on a project that, when implemented, will require people to change the way they do things?  Are you concerned about buy-in and resistance, wondering how to get people to accept the change? 

The2 ½ day Change Acceleration Process (CAP) workshop focuses on the "adoption" side of implementing successful change. 

CAP is both a framework and a set of tools to:

  • Set up projects/teams for success
  • Align leadership and system/structures with the change transition
  • Establish the need and vision for the change
  • Identify key stakeholders and strategies to overcome resistance
  • Help develop common language and cultural norms when implementing change
  • Influence culture change to adopt change and to adopt it faster

The CAP workshop involves lecture and small group exercises. Participants are asked to bring a current project involving change management that they can work on during the session. Employees should have the approval and support of their department manager/director to attend the training, and to incorporate the CAP tools and framework in the workplace


  • You should be supporting a work-related change initiative in the near future.
  • You should have the approval and support of your department director/manager to attend the training and to implement the CAP tools to facilitate the change in your work unit or department.
  • You must be able to attend the full 2.5 days of training.