Applying Lean in the Workplace

In this learn-as-you-go, hands-on workshop, intact-work teams learn how to apply Lean improvement tools and methods on a real process improvement project.  With a Performance Improvement Specialist training and coaching along the way, teams will learn how to: 

  • Define what their desired future state looks like.
  • Assess their current state to see opportunities to eliminate waste.
  • Brainstorm and test their improvement ideas in the workplace. The ideas that help the team get to their desired state will be implemented.
  • Sustain the gains by designing and implementing Daily Management Systems

Training Requirements:

  • The Introduction to Lean class is required as a prerequisite and is available either in an open enrollment or by request class.
  • Process should "live" within the requesting department. Department manager should own/control the majority of the process and have the ability to implement changes.
  • Manager must attend and support the change.
  • A portion of the team must be AFSCME-represented employees.
  • Must not overlap or interfere with other Lean/OPEx initiatives at OHSU. The CWE Center PI Specialist can help with the vetting process.


To schedule a class email the .