Workplace Performance Improvement

The CWE Center offers classes, coaching and other workplace performance improvement resources in the following areas:

Change Management

Change Management is a team-based approach to transitioning individuals, workgroups and organizations from a current state to a desired state. Change Management involves building engagement and acceptance among key stakeholders to ensure successful implementation and lasting change. The Change Management methodology being used at OHSU is the General Electric Change Acceleration Process (CAP).

Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Workshop

Process Improvement

Process Improvement is a team-based approach to improving or redesigning workflow. Lean is a process improvement methodology derived from the Toyota Production System, which focuses on eliminating waste in our work processes. Lean can be used in any kind of work environment (office, clinical, manufacturing, etc.) and has been applied to various process improvement projects across OHSU. 

Applying Lean in the Workplace

Introduction to Lean

Organize Your Workspace the 5S Way!

Project Management

Project Management is the discipline of defining, planning, executing and closing out a project successfully meeting specific project goals and objectives.  

Project Management Basics

Project Management: People & Teams  

Project Management Tools & Templates Workshop

Workplace Organization and Productivity

Workplace Organization and Productivity is a method for improving focus, organization and productivity in the workplace based on the GO System®. This system teaches individuals how to efficiently handle incoming work (paper,email, voicemail, verbal requests, etc.), prioritize workload, manage time, manage projects, understand how personality impacts task completion and address self-defeating behaviors.

Getting Organized with the GO System

Manage Your Email


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