English Language Learner Program

The ELL program provides non-native speaking employees with the opportunity to improve their English-language skills and speaking confidence in the workplace.


Instructor-Led Courses

Business Writing for Non-Native English Speakers

Email English

Meetings in English

Presentations in English

Workplace English

Other Resources

  • Tutoring services are available to employees needing specific instruction in conversation, grammar, pronunciation, reading or writing, as it pertains to his/her job performance.
  • Books for self-paced learning are available for check out for two weeks. View library
  • Medical terminology is often challenging to pronounce clearly or stress appropriately. Use this resource to help pronounce words correctly when communicating with patients, colleagues and medical staff. Medical Pronunciation for Patients & Caregivers

Who Should Participate?

  • Non-native English-speaking employees wanting to improve their English skills

How Will I Benefit?

  • Practice your conversation, pronunciation and writing skills
  • Learn to speak in the workplace with greater confidence
  • Communicate more effectively with coworkers, customers and patients
  • Provide better patient care and customer service
  • Potential for career advancement

What Participants are saying:

  • "I really liked how the classes were organized and prepared. I’ve learned a lot about American English and cultural things and it has really helped me to be more confident. I’d highly recommend these classes to all non-native speakers."

English classes outside of OHSU

Portland ESL Network


Contact Kelli Byrd, ELL program and outreach coordinator, at 503 494-7364.