Training by Request

Training parameters

  • Must have ten or more employees participating in training.
  • A portion of the employees attending must be AFSCME-represented.
  • Class content and learning objectives are the same as the regularly scheduled courses referenced above.

Interested? Here are the next steps:

  • Contact the CWE Center to request class via email.
  • Requestor acts as or identifies primary contact for arranging and holding training at their site.
  • Provides CWE Center with the names and positions of participants.
  • Provides dates and times staff are available for training.
  • Reserves a training/conference room adequate to accommodate the number of participants.
  • Provides A/V equipment and other needed materials as requested by the facilitator.
  • Communicates to staff the purpose of the training and ensures everyone knows when and where training will occur.


Contact the Center at 503 418-0273