Foundations of Customer Service Excellence

As a workgroup, the goal of this course is to inform participants about the importance and value of excellent customer service. The course will describe why excellent customer service is critical to the success of employees and to OHSU, emphasizing the role customer services plays in job satisfaction and in creating a culture around exceptional experience and service.  

There are two areas of focus for the course. In Session 1 the focus is on defining what customer service means to the participant and his/her impact on OHSU as a whole. In Session 2, participants will focus on their customer service challenges and explore tools to help them provide great service during challenging situations.

Topics Covered

Session One:

  • Customer Service Best Practice
  • Your Role in Customer Service Excellence
  • Getting to Know your Customers (Internal/External)
  • The 3D Customer Model for Customer Service Excellence
  • Creating YOUR customer service pledge statement

Session Two:

  • Setting the Stage for Customer Service Excellence
  • Communication Tools – When the Going Gets Tough
  • Skill Building Activities
  • Taking Care of You – Stress Management Strategies