Conflict Management Coaching

Work with a professionally-trained coach in order to effectively address an interpersonal challenge at work. Coaching is a one-on-one confidential process designed to: increase understanding of the situation, problem-solve and identify concrete actions for achieving your desired results. Your coach will guide the conversation, but you will be the only one to decide on actions you take to address your situation. You can receive up to 3 hours of coaching at no cost. For more information contact , CWE Center conflict management specialist.

Reasons to work with a coach:

  • Plan for that difficult conversation you've been avoiding
  • Repair a relationship that is impacting your work
  • Learn how to prevent or reduce tensions at work
  • Gain confidence to address an issue directly and responsibly
  • Increase your skills for managing all workplace conflict


Conflict coaching is not:

  • A resource for group conflicts
  • Mediation between two people
  • Crisis, employee relations or labor-relations intervention
  • Intended for disciplinary or corrective action


Coaching vs. mediation

Conflict coaching differs from mediation by involving only the coach and the individual who wants to explore how he/she can work through a conflict. Mediation involves a third party (the mediator) who facilitates a discussion between two people who are in a conflict.

For mediation services, contact BridgeBuilders at 503 239-9858 or email .

What participants are saying:

  • "In my 11 years working for OHSU, I have never until now received the kind of problem-solving support which I received from the conflict coaching one-on-one encounter. It was a powerfully effective tool I will use for my career… I no longer take my job [stress] home with me!"
  • "This coaching really helped me move through a 'stuck' place of hurt feelings and charged emotions to a more productive place where I could consider different perspectives and communicate more effectively with my coworkers."
  • "[My coach] was a great listener and excellent at asking questions that helped me to look at the conflict in a new light, sort out the core issues, and come up with ideas for how to move forward. Our sessions helped me come up with an action plan to navigate my conflict in a positive way."

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