Handling High Conflict Behaviors

Most of the conflicts we encounter can be dealt with effectively with tools presented in the conflict management series. But when behaviors escalate dramatically, we may need to draw from a different box of tools. "High conflict behaviors" in the workplace can violate expectations of common decency and professionalism, leaving us at a loss for how to engage constructively. This class will provide information and tools for responding to behaviors such as yelling, insults and persistent blame. This often involves doing the exact opposite of what we feel like doing! Participants will explore what might be driving high conflict behaviors and will practice key techniques for addressing them effectively. You will walk away with increased understanding and 10 practical skills for managing high conflict behaviors in the workplace.


Topics Covered

  • Recognizing High Conflict Conditions
  • Understanding High Conflict Behaviors
  • The Brain's Influence
  • Practice 3 Key Response Strategies
  • Learn 10 Skills for Managing High Conflict Behaviors

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