Cross-Generational Communication

For the first time in history, people from four generations are working alongside each other. In this course, current OHSU generational data will be shared with the participants. We will learn  the unique qualities of each generation, and learn how to communicate effectively and mitigate conflicts that can arise among them.

Topics Covered

  • Tips for communicating across generations
  • Recognize and resolve real life intergenerational issues
  • Examine the generational representation among OHSU employees

Training Parameters

  • Must have ten or more employees participating in training.
  • A portion of the employees attending must be AFSCME-represented.
  • Class content and learning objectives are the same as the regularly scheduled courses referenced above.
  • All trainings are 3 hours in length.

Interested? Here are the next steps

  • Contact the CWE Center to request class via email.
  • Requestor acts as or identifies primary contact for arranging and holding training at their site.
  • Provides CWE Center with the names and positions of participants.
  • Provides dates and times staff are available for training.
  • Reserves a training/conference room adequate to accommodate the number of participants.
  • Provides A/V equipment and other needed materials as requested by the facilitator.
  • Communicates to staff the purpose of the training and ensures everyone knows when and where training will occur.