Conflict Management Series

The Conflict Management Series is offered to individual contributors and managers on AFSCME-represented employees who would like to deepen their understanding and gain tools on how to handle conflicts at work. The series consists of three classes that are designed to build on each other. However, each class can be taken independently or in any order.

Course 1: The Nature of Conflict

This course can be taken independently through open enrollment or by request. This course will unpack and examine our experiences of conflict, revealing conditions beyond our awareness that shape our behavior and cause conflicts to escalate.
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Course 2: Building Conflict Competence

This class moves into the challenging role of listener in a conflict situation. Learn more and to register

Course 3: Transforming Conflict

This final class of the series ties all the classes together by connecting elements of conflict and completing the practice of skills needed to use the 5 steps to resolution effectively. 
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