Building Conflict Competence

This class moves us into the challenging role of listener in a conflict situation. You will explore the impact you can have by simply hearing, acknowledging and attempting to understand someone with whom you disagree. You will examine habits that prevent listening and will learn simple and useful strategies for doing so effectively. The Five Steps to Resolution will be integrated into learning.

Topics Covered

  • The Hearable Message
  • The Impact of Listening
  • Listening Blocks
  • 3 Strategies: E.A.Q.
  • Non-judgmental Listening
  • The Five Steps to Resolution

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Who Should Attend?

  • Those who want more understanding, tools and skills for turning conflict into a  productive conversation. 
  • This course is open to individual contributors and managers of AFSCME-represented employees.

how will I benefit?

  • Improve on crafting a message that does not raise defenses in the other person.
  • Identify your own listening blocks and how they impact your relationships at work.
  • Learn strategies for listening more effectively.
  • Prepare for engaging constructively when you disagree.

What participants are saying:

  • "The tools around listening without judgment were excellent!"
  • "The level of knowledge of the facilitator and the participation of the attendees were most valuable."
  • "Being open to the other side of what is going on was the biggest takeaway."