Conflict Management

Conflict is one inevitable result of human differences in interaction.  OHSU brings together people of diverse backgrounds, identities, personalities and work styles, making for a rich and dynamic employee experience that comes with challenges along the way. While conflict can have adverse effects such as stress, decreased productivity and strained relationships, when handled skillfully it can lead instead to increased understanding, improved relationships, higher morale and innovative ideas and solutions. Building conflict skills is one of the surest ways to improve your work life and can prepare you for greater career opportunities and relationship successes.  

Instructor-Led Training

Check out our latest programs and classes for conflict management available to front-line employees and managers of AFSCME-represented employees. 

Online Training

Unable to attend classes? Check out these lynda.com staff picks below. At lynda.com, learn from the experts through easy-to-scan video tutorials.

Individual Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching

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Meet Your Conflict Management Specialist

Mary Lind
Mary Lind, joined OHSU in December 2012. She offers a variety of classes for interpersonal effectiveness, including three-part conflict management series. She also supports a team of professionally trained OHSU conflict coaches who work one-on-one with employees upon request. Her classes and coaching assist OHSU community members in addressing the challenges we all face as we work closely with others.