Culture & Conflict

This class is focused on the intersection of culture and conflict. How do cultural frames of reference influence our perceptions, interpretations and interactions? How does culture shape our responses and approaches to conflict? Participants will complete the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory and examine differences, strengths, perceived weaknesses and dynamics of interaction among styles. You will walk away better able to understand and interpret behavior of others, and to communicate more effectively with people whose conflict styles are different from our own.

Topics Covered

  • Culture and cultural differences
  • Culture, conflict and intercultural conflict styles
  • Direct/indirect  approaches for resolving conflict
  • Emotionally expressive/emotionally restrained approaches for resolving conflict
  • Four intercultural conflict styles: comparisons, perceptions and interactions
  • Intercultural styles in context: OHSU

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Who should attend?

  • Employees who are interested in increasing cultural competency
  • Those who want to deepen their understanding and skill in interacting with coworkers and customers/patients with different cultural influences

How will I benefit?

  • Understand different approaches to conflict
  • More accurately interpret statements and actions of someone whose style is different    
  • Communicate effectively across intercultural style differences
  • Increased understanding means more skillful resolution of disagreements with people who approach conflict differently from you