Bridge Builders

BridgeBuilders is a mediation program offered by OHSU-AFSCME members who are trained to meet with two or more employees to assist them in discussing concerns, exploring solutions and making agreements. Our goal is to guide people in finding mutually agreeable solutions to work-related conflict before problems escalate.

Program Overview

  • Bridgebuilders are impartial third parties, trained to facilitate a face to face conflict resolution process.
  • Participation is free and voluntary.
  • Communications and mediation sessions are confidential within the limits of the law.
  • Services are available to all OHSU employees.

Why use BridgeBuilders?

Bridgebuilders participants take ownership of finding and implementing their own solutions. This can prevent negative outcomes of unresolved conflict, such as: continued stress, the deterioration of relationships, weakening morale and performance, and unwanted interventions like disciplinary action. By choosing to engage through the BridgeBuilders program, people in conflict can create better outcomes, put the past behind them, and feel secure in their place here at OHSU.


AFSCME Local 328 decided to pilot the BridgeBuilders program in 2007 to fit with strategic objectives identified by members through surveys. AFSCME members conveyed that workplace conflict and hostility is one of their most significant concerns in the workplace.