effective resume writing

Is your resume ready for a refresh?  Whether or not you’re currently job searching, an updated resume is an important part of effectively managing your career.  In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn current resume writing tips, gain feedback from peers, and will be introduced to helpful resources to create a resume that is professional and accurately reflects your top qualifications.

Topics Covered

  • Resume Overview 
  • Top Five Resume Tips from OHSU Recruiters
  • Resume Writing Best Practices
  • Formats: Chronological, Functional, Combined
  • Identifying Your Relevant Skills and Qualifications
  • Objective vs. Professional Summary – Which is Better?
  • Exercise: Giving and Receiving Resume Feedback
  • Summary, Resources, and Next Steps

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Who should attend?

  •  OHSU employees who have a resume that is outdated, ineffective, or that they feel unsure about.
  • Employees who have never written a resume before. 
  • Employees interested in taking proactive steps to stay engaged in their careers.  
  • This course is designed for and available to individual contributor employees (non-managers)   

How will I Benefit?

  • Demonstrate effective resume writing practices – from the basics to advanced strategies to help your experience stand out.  
  • Identify what OHSU recruiters are looking for in a resume. 
  • Write accomplishment statements that draw emphasis to the value you bring to the workplace.
  • Use free online tools and resources to help with resume content and formatting/design.
  • Receive and implement feedback from peers on your resume and ideas for improvement.