Creating an Effective Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a process to help employees and their manager work together to create a plan for the employee's career development at OHSU. After a review of the IDP tool and guidelines for effective use, participants will practice writing meaningful development plans, and gain tips for collaborating with their manager/employees on career development. 

Topics Covered

  • Benefits of IDPs for employees, managers, and OHSU
  • Overview of IDP Process
  • Identifying My Development Needs
  • The 1:1 Career Development Discussion
  • Selecting Development Actions

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  • Employees who are interested in establishing a plan for their career development at OHSU.    
  • Managers and HR Professionals who are interested in this easy, effective tool to facilitate employee career development, employee engagement, and talent mobility at OHSU.
  • This class is available to both employees and managers.


  • Recognize the benefits and importance of career development from three perspectives: Employee, Manager, OHSU.
  • Identify responsibilities, and resources for the IDP process: Employee, Manager, CWE Center.
  • Write effective IDP development actions that are specific, measurable, and time-based.
  • Develop strategies for involving your manager/employees in the IDP development process.