Career Empowerment Series

Reflect…engage…move forward!  In this interactive two-class series, participants will learn how to achieve and maintain more engagement and satisfaction in their work lives.  The first session draws heavily on guided interviews and discussions with other participants to understand core strengths and discover satisfying career opportunities.  Session two introduces a variety of valuable tools, resources, and the latest best practices in career management to help employees make the most of their careers at OHSU.

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Topics Covered

Session I

  • What's "Career Empowerment" Anyway?
  • Introduction to the CE Model
  • Activity: Good Experiences
  • Structured Peer Interviews
  • Guided Imagery Experience
  • Identifying My Strengths, Skills, Values, and Satisfiers
  • Summary, Homework and Preview of What's to Come

Session II

  • Review Session I: What's Changed?
  • Essentials of Effective Career Management
  • Personal Branding
  • Networking
  • Strategic Self Marketing: Resume & Interviewing
  • LinkedIn and Social Media
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Action Planning and Goal Setting
  • Summary