Myers-Briggs for Career Success

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful assessment for helping people better understand themselves, their unique strengths, and how they can be at their best in the workplace. Participants in this workshop will receive a personalized printout of their MBTI results, a professional interpretation, and tips for applying their results to enhance effectiveness in their work lives. Participation requires completing the 30-minute MBTI Assessment online prior to attending the workshop. Further details provided upon registration.

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Topics Covered

  • Overview of Type Theory and Applications for Career Success
  • Introduction to the MBTI
  • Self-Assessment
  • Review MBTI Career Report 
         a. MBTI and Career Choice
         b. MBTI and Work Adjustment
  • Activity: Applying Type in the Workplace
  • Action Planning for Career Success
  • Summary, Resources

who should attend?

  • Employees who would like to gain greater understanding about themselves, leverage their natural strengths, and be more effective at work and in life. 
  • Employees who are new to MBTI® Personality Type or who would like a refresher.  
  • Employees interested in taking proactive steps to stay engaged in their careers.
  • Employees feeling stuck or dissatisfied in their current position who are ready to take steps towards a more satisfying work life.
  • This course is designed for and available to individual contributor employees (non-managers).

how will I benefit?

  • Assess and describe your personality strengths, characteristics, and potential areas of growth.  
  • Recognize normal personality differences and make adjustments to work more effectively with co-workers.
  • Select appropriate opportunities for career choice and/or work adjustment using the MBTI Career Report. 
  • Write a plan of action to apply MBTI results to increase your career success. 


What Participants are saying:

  • "Very helpful and fun overall…was a great class and would recommend it to others."
  • "This has opened my eyes…on my future job choices and will help me in working with others that may not be the same personality type."
  • "Awesome training! Gave me a great start in evaluating where I'd like to go in my career."
  • "The group exercises were brilliant in illustrating the differences between personality types. Well done!" 
  • "This class will help me to communicate my ideas more strongly and be more assertive." 
  • "I gained a better understanding about myself and how to step outside of my box."
  • "I recognize how and why other personality types prefer to work differently than I do."
  • "Interactive group activities foster communication and sharing of ideas, which bring the workshop concepts alive."
  • "I am completely satisfied with this training and the things that I learned - it has all been very helpful and I would recommend the class to anyone." 
  • "Helps me understand my boss more, and why I've been questioning my choice of  profession for a long time now."