Annual Report

Nicole D'Onofrio

With the continued support of the AFSCME/OHSU Labor Management Committee and through the partnership between AFSCME and OHSU, the CWE Center is able to continue to provide a variety of learning and development resources to employees. Utilization of our services remains strong and the reported impacts experienced by employees, positive. In FY14 we held our second OHSU Employee Career Fair and Center staff continued to grow our programs to meet identified needs of employees and OHSU. A few of these new program courses and the career fair are highlighted below.

Looking forward to FY15, we will be introducing our Learning Bites program that will provide shorter, 60-90 minute trainings with a focus on one specific professional skill building technique.  We will also be aligning our programs and services with the new OHSU Core Competencies so employees can easily identify resources available to them to further develop any one of these competencies.

I would like to thank those in the OHSU community who support us by making others aware of the Center and who promote the utilization of our services.  It is through our partnerships and the support of the OHSU community that we are able to continue to successfully realize our mission to "transform and enrich the workplace and work lives at OHSU."

—Nicole D'Onofrio, CWE Center Manager