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Contact Government Relations

Mailing address:
OHSU Government Relations, L101
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239
Phone:  503 494-6629
Fax:  503 494-7778

Abby Tibbs (e-mail Abby)
Associate Vice President, Government Relations
Office: 503 494-3615

Lynne Davis Boyle (e-mail Lynne)
Director, Federal Relations
Portland Office: 503 494-6629

Julie Hanna (e-mail Julie)
Associate Director of State Relations
Office: 503 494-0230

Michael Harrison (e-mail Michael)
Associate Director of Local Relations
Office:  503 494-8681

Kimberly Countryman (e-mail Kimberly)
Government Relations Coordinator
Office: 503 494-5205