The OHSU Food and Nutrition Department supports fair-trade, organic, sustainable, and locally grown products.  What does that mean?


Sustainability is the ability to support the current population's needs without damaging the future generations ability to provide for themselves.  Sustainable processes use renewable resources, which allow the environment and economy to thrive.  The products are often local because excess distribution creates excess waste.  Local foods require less processing and contain more nutrients.  Many  products sold in our cafes and the It's All Good convenience store are from sustainable NW companies.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade products include items that cannot be found locally (such as coffee, sugar, rice).  They are purchased from a farm whose workers are receiving fair compensation for their hard work.


Organic is the USDA certified label that assures the product is:

  • Grown without synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, or genetically modified ingredients
  • Minimally processed with NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation
  • Animals are raised on organic feed, have access to the outdoors, and are not given antibiotics or hormones.

We make efforts to continually improve our contribution to creating a sustainable and thriving business model. Every year, we adopt new products, phase out old and make advancements in processes that lessen our negative impact on the Earth.

Below are some additional resources on sustainability, fair trade,organic products and recipes: