Token Program

$1 Tokens (RED) EBT/SNAP Cards Only

$1 token
  • Purchase at the Farmers Market only.
  • Purchase with an EBT/SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) card at the info booth
  • We match your funds $1 for $1 up to $10 per SNAP card per day and up to $5 per WIC/Senior voucher.. for FREE!
    • $2 cards will be given as SNAP matching money to be spent on fruits and vegetables only. 
    • $1 tokens with a smiley face will be given as WIC/Senior voucher matching funds and can be spent with vendors who sell food intended to be eaten at home or seeds & plants intended to grow food, but not accepted by vendors selling "ready to eat" foods.
  • No minimum and no fees.

Find our more about our Free Money - Nutrition Incentive program

$3 Gift Tokens (Purple)

Gift token
  • A great gift for your colleague, employee, patient or neighbor!
  • Where and how to purchase $3 gift tokens: 
    • Purchase through Food and Nutrition Department accounting services. Email the market manager to request purchase. Payment through Alias/FAID acceptable.
    • Purchase at the farmers market with Cash, Debit, Credit, OHSU Badges & VA Meal Vouchers
  • Fees: $1 fee when purchased at the market. $10 fee added to bulk orders through Nutrition Dept to cover processing.
  • Accepted by ALL FM Vendors including produce, dips, bread, value added, even massage!
  • FYI- No change given from purchases made with Gift Tokens.

$5 Tokens (Green)

$5 token
  • Purchase at the Farmers Market only
  • Debit cards only
  • Accepted by all FM Vendors, including produce, dips, bread, value added, even massage!
  • No more minimums! You can now buy 1 token.
  • Transaction fee is $1 per transaction.
  • Cash CAN be given as change from amount not spent from a $5 token.