Free Money for SNAP Users

Oregon Trail card

Nutrition Incentive Program

We have increased benefits for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - formerly known as Food Stamps), WIC (Women, Infants and Children) & FDNP (Farm Direct Nutrition Program) participants. For every dollar purchased in SNAP tokens, we will match dollar for dollar, up to $10 each day per SNAP card, for FREE. You can also get dollar for dollar matching up to $5 per day.. for a WIC or Senior Voucher presented at the Info booth.

This year, the Farmers Market Fund received the FINIP grant through the USDA to help Portland area farmers markets fund this initiative. Thank you USDA and FMF!

How do you get free money?

  1. Go to the Info Booth at the OHSU Farmers Market.
  2. Swipe your SNAP card for any amount. There is no minimum and no charge. If you have a voucher, you will need to present ID that matches the name on the voucher.. and we will stamp it with a smiley face to make sure we know it has been used for matching at our market. We now have $2 increments, so please consider getting an even amount of matching funds!
  3. You will receive the amount requested in card form, each valued at $2. These can be used to buy fruits and vegetables only. The WIC & Senior vouchers will be matched with RED $1 tokens with a smiley face on it which can be redeemed for SNAP eligible foods.
  4. For every dollar purchased in SNAP tokens, we will match dollar for dollar, up to $10 each day per SNAP card, for FREE or you we will match one of each type of voucher (one WIC Veggie Voucher AND one WIC FDNP AND one Senior FDNP) dollar for dollar up to the total amount of the the voucher or $5, whichever is less. Depending on funds, we may need to limit our matches to one federal benefit at some point, but we will start by matching each one at the beginning of the market!
  5. Use these $2 cards with any vendor who sells fruits and veggies and use the $1 tokens with any vendor who sells food intended to be eaten at home, or seeds and plants intended to grow food.
  6. We hope this program ensures accessibility of the healthiest food to all income levels.
  7. *NO CHANGE given when items purchased with $2 cards or $1 tokens.

This program is available at several farmers markets around Portland. When you visit a market, ask the info booth when you arrive if they have a Nutrition Incentive program!

To sign up for SNAP, call 800 SAFE-NET 

Or visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for more info