Vendor Application & Incentives

2015 OHSU Farmers Market Application & Guidelines

OHSU Farmers Market has operational guidelines that we require our vendors to follow. We also have selection guidelines that we apply in our selection process. Please review all materials thoroughly before submitting your application.

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Perks & Incentives

Lunchtime Hours from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Requested by staff who have time only during lunch breaks to visit the market. 90% of customers are staff.

Wholesaling: 13 Retail Outlets & Patient Meals

The OHSU Food and Nutrition (F&N) Dept is dedicated to purchasing local goods for resale at our healthy convenience store located on the 9th floor of South Hospital, the cafes on campus and incorporating fresh foods into our patient meals as much as possible.

 In particular, we started the "Wholesale Buyout Program" last year, where every Tuesday, we work with our farmers to buy whatever is remaining at the end of the day. We featured locally grown produce in our MacKenzie Hall cafe menus Wed- Friday. We hope to continue that program this year!

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$3 Gift Tokens

Tokens for the market are on sale throughout the week at our It's All Good, a natural food store on the 9th floor of the main hospital. They can be personally purchased or employees can use their badge or special meal tickets paid for by OHSU to buy tokens. OHSU subsidizes many of these meals and encourages our employees to frequent the market. Departments can also purchase $3 tokens for employees.

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