Process Invoices

The OHSU Accounts Payable team manages vendor set-up within the Oracle Accounts Payable system. 

If a vendor is a PO required vendor, a purchase order must be obtained prior to ordering the goods or services. Check the list of OHSU PO Required Suppliers  to see if a purchase order is required.

When goods or services are ordered using a purchase order, a requisition must be submitted and approved using the Oracle system. A Buyer from the Purchasing team will create a purchase order and send it to the vendor. Once the goods or services are physically received, the preparer/requisitioner must  receive the order in Oracle for payment to release.

Invoices that do not require a purchase order can be submitted to the Accounts Payable office with full account string information and fiscal authority signature.

Invoices should be remitted to the OHSU Accounts Payable office:

P.O. Box 572
Portland, Oregon 97207


or by email at apinvoices@ohsu.edu

For information regarding invoices on hold, run the Invoice on Hold by Fund/Org Report.

For help finding the status of an invoice, see the Invoice and Payment Inquiry instructions.


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