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Oracle Requisition and PO Process

Primary approved method for purchasing of goods or services. Purchase orders are processed through the Oracle Purchasing system. The Oracle Accounts Payable system processes payments related to purchase orders once the quantity billed, quantity ordered, and quantity received match and vendor terms are met.


Disbursement Request

A Disbursement Request Form is used to initiate payment of charges or fees that are of a one-time nature.  This does not include payments for goods or services which require purchase orders.  A Disbursement Request Form should only be used when other approved procurement options are not available. Refer to the Disbursement Request Form Guidelines & Instructions.


Purchasing Card (P-card)

The Procurement Card (also known as "P-Card") is a Visa issued to a named individual with OHSU indicated as the party liable for charges. This program was implemented to delegate authority and provide convenient capability to acquire approved commodities directly from suppliers that accept Visa.


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