Disbursement Requests

A Disbursement Request Form is used to initiate payment of charges or fees that are of a one-time nature. The fiscal authority is responsible for verifying that items purchased are necessary and within budget, and ensuring that the Disbursement Request Form is used only for legitimate OHSU acquisitions in compliance with OHSU’s fiscal and procurement policies.

Email completed disbursement requests to Disbursement Mailbox.

Disbursement requests are entered directly into the Oracle Accounts Payable system for payment.

The following is a list of valid reasons for using a disbursement request form:

  • Employee business expense reimbursements
  • Relocation related expenses paid personally
  • Patient refunds
  • Research study compensation
  • Honoraria
  • Subscriptions, conference registration fees, and membership dues
  • Permits, applications and other non-invoiced fees
  • Legal settlements and legal services
  • Royalty income payments
  • Petty Cash

Refer to the Disbursement Request Form Guidelines & Instructions for complete details.



In order to streamline and improve the process for Stipend, Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Support, and Student Intern compensation or stipend checks, one form has been developed to be used for all three types of students.  Trainee Fellows and Student Interns are issued a subsistence allowance in the form of a stipend to defray living expenses


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