Rubix How Do I...?



Q: What are the benefits and features of Rubix?

A summary of benefits and features include:

  • Budget functionality (improved reports and performance, workflow information)
  • Variance Reporting functionality (more report parameters, focused reporting, quicker access to data you want to see)
  • Improved analysis and reporting
  • Dashboards  


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Q. How can I access the Rubix logon page?

You have a couple options: (1) enter 'Rubix' or 'Cognos' into the browser search field and select enter to be directed to the logon page, or (2) select Rubix from the list of Financial Applications found on the Central Financial Services Web page.


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Q: What is my Rubix (Cognos) user Id and password?

Your Rubix User ID and Password are the same as your network credentials.  


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Q: Where can I register for training?

Learners may register and find detailed information about the courses by logging into TrainingForce. Learners requesting small group or one-on-one coaching sessions are asked to send a request to Rubix Support.  


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Q: What training is available?

Experts from Central Financial Services Budget and General Ledger teams are available to coach you through Rubix. The training events are designed for new or existing variance report users or university and foundation budgeters.  TrainingForce


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Q: Where can I find Rubix user guides and other training materials?

The Rubix Financial Reporting User Guide, Quick Guide, and the Rubix Budget System Training Guide are available on the Financial Courses page.  


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Q: How do I request new access to Rubix?

Contact the Rubix Support team to request or update your Rubix (financial reporting and/or budgeting) access.


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Q: Who do I contact for Rubix support? 

Contact Rubix Support for assistance.


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Q: How will I learn about Rubix related matters? 

View the Finance Matter$ blog to learn more.


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Variance Reporting


Q. After I run my report I'm not finding all the data that I expected to see for my account. Why?

The default setting on most reports returns only 'University Unrestricted' fund data. Change your Fund Group selection to 'All Fund Groups' to view all data for your account.


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Q. How do I view only the data for specific account segments?

Many reports have an Account Segment option. Change it to 'Select Segments' and then select Refresh Prompts to choose the specific account segments that you'd like to view.


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Q. Can I schedule a variance report to run at a future time?

Yes. First, choose the report and save a Report View. Next, Schedule the report to run and select the Frequency and Options. Finally, set your preferred Prompt Values for the scheduled report.

Reports can be scheduled to run at a given date and time, or even when By Trigger to run when triggered by the monthly hard close. See the Rubix Financial Reporting User Guide for more details.


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Q. How do I view Payroll Clearing Account data in my payroll report?  

When selecting your Prompt Values change the Exclude PCA Funds setting from 'Yes' to 'No' in order to view all payroll data for your account.


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