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Q. How is the FTE base calculated?

FTE is based on worked hours for a monthly general ledger (GL) period. Worked hours include sick and vacation time, but do not include item one-time payouts.


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Q. How do I obtain an FTE report?

You have two options: contact the OCA team in Central Financial Services (CFS) or run the Employee Labor Distribution Summary by GL Period report in Discoverer. Due to the nature of how labor distribution works and the frequency of changing FTE, CFS is in a better position to verify the accuracy of reports requested from CFS. While the Discoverer report may get you started, the report that better captures the detail of your FTE is the one delivered by CFS. Contact OCA to request the FTE report. 


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Q: When and how is the admin expense base calculated?

The admin expense base is calculated at the end of soft close. The Admin expense includes unrestricted and restricted funds and all allowable object codes. The admin expenses are then grouped by orgs within your department's org range.  

View excluded object codes. 


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Q: Who do I contact to obtain an Admin Expense report?

Central Financial Services (CFS) maintains a record of your expense base charge. Contact OCA to request the admin expense report.  


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Q: Do off campus departments pay the same central cost rates as on campus departments?

FTE and admin expense costs are based on employees and your activity, not your location so regardless of where your department resides the rate structure is the same. On the other hand, space rates vary by location. OHSU operates using multiple space rate structures:

  • University rate
  • Lease rates (directly paid, Primate Center, and centrally paid)
  • Hospital rate (the rate that only the hospital pays for hospital owned buildings)

View current space rates.


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