LD Distribution Adjustments How Do I...?

Q: Can more than one person be in an employee’s distribution?

No. The second person will receive a message to ‘Try again later…’


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Q: Can I use aliases in Distribution Adjustments?

You can use GL aliases but not Grant aliases. To use an alias, click on the dotted box to the right of the GL Account field to call-up the entry window.

LD Adjustment Entry Window


LD Adjustment Alias Window


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Q: How do I select the accounts to adjust?

In the ‘Actual Distribution’ region, check the white transfer box located to the right of the percent column.

LD Distribution Adjustment Account Selection


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Q: In the ‘Adjusted Distribution’ region, can I overwrite the accounts that I selected to transfer?

No. The rows are protected against update (grayed-out).


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Q: How do I enter my target account(s)?

After selecting the account(s) to transfer, in the ‘Adjusted Distribution’ region, do an insert anywhere in the region, or click on a blank row.


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Q: How do I delete a line if I enter an incorrect target account(s)?

Select the account row and click on the delete icon listed under the menu line.

LD Distribution Adjustments Delete Line 


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Q: Will my distribution adjustment automatically update my Labor Schedule?

No. The forms are independent of each other. You will have to manually update the Labor Schedule. 


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Q: I get warning messages about dates after entering an account string?

What do I do? Review your start and end-dates of the Project and Award. Refer to the OGA crosswalk for info. If you feel that the dates are wrong in Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA), then please work through your SPA SFA to make the date changes in OGA.


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Q: Do we have to breakout the accounts for Earnings and OPE?

No. Behind the scene, LD will distribute earnings and OPE to the proper object code or expenditure type. You only use a single object code or expenditure type with your accounts.


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Q: After submitting my entry, can I view the entry?

Yes. Run the Distribution Adjustment Entry report. The start and end dates refer to the date you did the adjustment transaction, not the dates for the distribution adjustment itself. The status is generally “approved”, but adjustments to Grants (OGA/POETA) will be “pending” until approved by SPA. Check the other statuses if you do get results.


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Q: What does it mean when I receive the message ‘One or more distribution lines are in use’ when I try to query an employee’s distribution records?

It means that a distribution adjustment was done against the employee for all or part of the time period queried AND the distribution adjustment has not transferred to the GL or OGA system.


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Q: What could cause the distribution adjustment to not transfer to the GL or OGA system?

Possible reasons include: the distribution adjustment has not been approved by the SPA Approver, the nightly transfer cycle has not completed, or OGA is closing the prior period.


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